What Is A logo?
A logo is a visual image for your brand. Every company needs a logo that will help define their brand and every artist must have the ability to illustrate and deliver one. A great logo is readable, well drawn, scales well, is unique, and will stand the test of time, as your brand grows.
Pictorial Logos/Symbols
A pictorial logo/symbol, also known as a brand mark or logo symbol, is an icon or simplified graphic that symbolizes your brand.
Mascots are logos that include an illustrated character and can be considered your brand’s ambassador. Tony The Tiger is a great example. Use a mascot to appeal to families and younger audiences. 
Emblems are logos with a font inside of a symbol or an icon. Examples include badges, seals, or crests. They tend to have a traditional aesthetic and have a bold impact. They're most often used by schools, organizations, or government agencies. 
Monograms are logos that consist of your brands initials. If your business has a long name/title, consider a stylish monogram to abbreviate it.  
Word Mark/ Letter Mark Logos
Similar to monograms, a word mark or letter mark  is a completely font based logo. It focuses on you brands name, alone. This is a perfect way to promote your new business. 
Combination Logos
A combination logo consists of a word mark/letter mark and a pictorial/mascot. This is the most versatile and comprehensive logo choice.   

Why Chose Exolent Illustrations to Enhance Your Brand?
If you have minimal or no design knowledge, creating a logo for your brand can be very daunting. Yes, there's apps like Canva that can help, but your logo isn't 100% unique to your business or even owned by you. Third party apps that generate quick and easy logos, use customized templates that everyone around the world has access to. And the one you make isn’t even exclusively yours. If the time comes where you want to trademark or copyright your logo, it won’t be possible.
So why not put your concepts into my expert hands? As a multi-disciplinary artist and graphic designer, I am equipped with the skills for logo design and brand identity. I produce the best quality logos that symbolize the essence of what your brand is about. Investing in a professional logo, by me,  can have a lasting impact on your sales and overall public identities. I'm truly dedicated to helping your brand stand out individually. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Commission Process.
Step 1 [Think]: Having a logo is the first step to exposing your brand to the public and to new potential clients. Think about your business and what it means to you. Where do you see it going in the next year or so? What kind of branding will be the most effective for your customers? What details capture your brand the best?
Step 2 [contact]: Once you decide to work with me and are ready to begin the design process, email ExolentIllustrations@gmail.com with a very detailed description of what your brand is about, and the kind of logo you want.  Or you can just submit a Logo & Branding Inquiry Form below.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Step 3 [Discuss And Sign]: After we discuss your design, a contract will be drafted and sent to you,via email, with the invoice for your logo.
Step 4 [Pay Deposit]: Once the contact is signed and emailed back to me, there will be a 50% deposit due in order to begin the project.
Step 5 [Design Drafts]: You will receive 2-3 logo drafts to review. Give any feedback you have and I will finalize the alterations. 
Step 6 [Finalize And Pay]: The remaining payment will be due in order to receive your final files. The logo is 100% owned by you once the final payment is paid.
Q: Is there a deposit due to start?
 A: Yes. There is a 50% deposit due before starting the project. Even with a payment plan, 50% is due to start. The remainder will be broken down. 
Q: How do I make payments?
 A: Payment information will be included on your invoice. I accept Cash App or Paypal. 
Q: How long is the design process? 
A: Project completion lengths vary, but usually don't take longer than 4 weeks. I will ask for your deadline either way to ensure you have your designs in a timely manner. Any delays will be communicated to you promptly. 
Q: What files will I receive? Will I receive my final logo files?
 A: Once the final payment is received, I will email you the following files: ESP (Vector), PNG (Transparent Background), JPEG (White Background)
Q: What if I don't like the design? 
A: If you are not satisfied with my services, there will be no refunds. However, I'm more than willing to adjust the design according to your wishes, within reason. I will also provide a discount for your next project, for any inconvenience a design flaw may have caused you. ​​​​​​​
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