Available Offerings:
[Including but not limited to]

Custom Illustrations/Paintings
Custom paintings are a mixture of compositions, subjects, and colors that work cohesively to convey a consumers' vision. The one of a kind art work can brighten up your sacred space, home, office, or even be a breath-taking gift. 
Digital Illustrations
A digital illustration/cartoon illustration is a type of illustration that's typically done in non-realistic (surreal) or semi-realistic styles. It can be used in web design, posters, t-shirts, computer animation,  advertisements, etc. ​​​​​​​
Cover Art Illustrations
Cover art is a type of  artwork that can be used in an illustrated form, photographic form, or a combination of both. It's a tool of self-expression and can convey broader themes about who you and your craft, to help distinguish yourself. Cover art is used on the outside of a published product such as a book, magazine,newspaper, comic book, video game, music album, CD, videotape, podcast, or social media banner. 
Why Chose Exolent Illustrations?
I'm original and have a unique way of thinking, that allows me to execute and often times surpass my clients wildest art dreams. My goal is always to make you stand out. You're one of none, when you choose me as your artist. As a multidimensional creator, my styles vary from hyper-realistic to bold cartoons. While creating, I focus on vibrant contrasting colors, the cohesion of shapes to form a work of art. I create the most eye catching illustrations by carefully crafting each piece. The process between me and each client is a very meaningful one.​​​​​​​​​​​
The Commission Process.
Step 1 [Think]: Think about how a custom painting or illustration will honor a loved one, a special moment in your life, or even an artist you adore. Think about how much some original art will liven up your office and home.
Step 2 [contact]: Once you decide to work with me and are ready to begin the design process, email ExolentIllustrations@gmail.com with a very detailed description of what painting or illustration you would like. Or you can just submit a Custom Illustration Form.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Step 3 [Discuss And Sign]: After we discuss your design, a contract will be drafted and sent to you,via email, with the invoice for your illustration or painting.
Step 4 [Pay Deposit]: Once the contact is signed and emailed back to me, there will be a 50% deposit due in order to begin the project.
Step 5 [Design Drafts]: You will receive a draft to review. Give any feedback you have and I will finalize the alterations. 
Step 6 [Finalize And Pay]: The remaining payment will be due in order to receive your file or painting. 
Q: Can you paint a canvas smaller than  12" x 12"? 
 A: Yes! If there is a smaller size you have in mind, mention it in your inquiry and i'll quote you.
*Prices will differ.
Q: can you paint a canvas larger than 20' x 30" ?
 A: Yes! BUT, I must warn you that the shipping cost for canvases over 20" x 30" is an additional $600. If you're willing to pay the extra fee, include the size you have in mind in your inquiry. I'll follow up and quote you. 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Currently, I do not offer international shipping, unless the client is willing to pay the shipping fees. *Prices will differ.
Q: does my painting come ready to hang?
A: Yes! I attach wiring on the back of the canvas for easy hanging.
Q: What is the maximum amount of people i can have in my illustration?  
A: As long as the resolution of the reference images are all great, I'll do up to 5 faces in one illustration. After that, it will cost $35 per additional person. 
Q: Do you offer additional sizes for canvases and prints?
A: I sure do! Please let me know the size you want in your inquiry form. I'll follow up and quote you. *Prices will differ.
Q:what is an eps file?
A: An EPS file is the vector file of your design. It can be given to another designer to edit or sent to a production company to make your own prints, shirts, and merchandise. 
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